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Posted on March 6, 2014 by admin

We had our first play with aerial drones at Photokina in 2012. Everything about them seemed great except the prices which were quite staggering. With the increasing availability of drones and their steady decline in price, we finally decided to give the whole thing a try. After reading up a bit on the subject, the DJI Phantom came heavily recommended. Also it’s one of the more easily available, ready to fly out of the box solutions. The drone itself was actually quite easy to set up and after some initial headscratching with software setups and the likes we were ready to get airborne. We also attached a GoPro Black+ camera at the bottom, the Phantom comes equipped with a supported mount. The drone has all manners of autopilots, stabilisation, GPS and electronic compasses so the actual flying is really easy. In a matter of minutes we were piloting the thing around and reaching quite high altitudes and speeds. The Phantom website states the battery time at 15 minutes but with the added weight of the camera and the biting cold of about -15 degrees celsius, we managed to get a good 5 minutes of airtime per battery. Still, it was enough to get som nice images and generally have a good time.

After a few test flights we too can recommend the DJI Phantom. It’s easy, reasonably priced and lots of fun. Be sure to get a few extra batteries though and if you want to on the safe side, the prop guards, to keep the propellers safe if you chrash:)

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Lux Helsinki 2014

Posted on January 9, 2014 by admin

It was once again time for Lux Helsinki, the urban light event spread across the city, which was held for the 6th time. We wen’t out and shot some images of the installations and below is a selection of our favourites for those of you who didn’t see it in person.

Lux Helsinki 2014
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